Steve Robinson

Personal Profile

Steve Robinson is an independent stakeholder dialogue designer, facilitator & meditator with over 20 years’ experience. He has worked both at community and high level with a range of organisations, groups and sectors and is credited with introducing collaborative working into the UK nuclear industry.

Steve’s career highlights

  • Chief Executive of The Environment Council where he introduced collaborative environment working to the UK and built the charity into the UK’s leading forum for collectively addressing challenging environmental issues and resolving conflicts 
  • Established the UK’s first Business and Environment Programme 
  • Introduced Stakeholder Dialogue processes to the UK Environment sector 
  • Pioneered Stakeholder Dialogue processes within the UK Nuclear sector 
  • Resolved dispute over the marshalling of trains carrying used nuclear fuel at Cricklewood

As well as adding invaluable process design and implementation advice to IDM projects, Steve is currently Managing Director of SJR Strategic Consulting Limited, providing advice on collaborative working, mediation, facilitation and engagement strategies.  His recent nuclear-related work includes aspects of National Grids’ North West Coast Connections project aiming to connect Moorside to the National Grid, and the development of the NDA’s Value Framework.  He has designed and delivered a number of the acclaimed Best Practice Workshops for the World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS) and recently wrote a popular WINS guide on engaging stakeholders over nuclear security.  Steve is involved in UK-sponsored Technical Missions and led a Faculty Visit to Japan on stakeholder dialogue and engagement.  As a Dialogue and Engagement Specialist for BIS Sciencewise, Steve has advised DECC on informing science & technology-related policies through public dialogue.