Richard Taylor

Personal Profile

Richard has extensive technical experience, spanning radioactive waste management, fuel processing and the delivery of associated research and development projects. In analysing complex technical challenges and translating these into cost effective R&D programmes, Richard has carved out an international reputation for providing technical support underpinning major engineering programmes, setting standards and establishing technology supply contracts.

Richard’s “hands on” personal involvement, together with senior level managerial experience has been used to great effect in peer reviewing technological effort, ensuring quality and value for money are obtained from large and complex R&D programmes.

Richard’s career highlights

  • Defined the R&D base within BNFL to ensure that high quality science and technology was available to projects 
  • Led the 400 strong Research and Technical Services providing support to Sellafield operations 
  • Led the development work for the £1.85 billion Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant 
  • Led the team which developed the process to convert high level radioactive liquors into a vitrified glass form 
  • Established links with UK and international bodies – universities, National Nuclear Laboratories and research organisations 
  • Operating within the highly regulated nuclear industry with many stakeholder contacts, including customers and regulators.

Richard’s consultancy work has included:- review of the NDA sponsored Direct programme with NNL; review of submissions for NDA sponsored Ph.D grants, and technical input to the IDM study on UK spent fuel and nuclear materials.   Richard has been a member of the NuSAC sub-committee on research that reviewed safety related R&D work by the Site Licence holders to ensure adequate technical underpinning on behalf of the Office of Nuclear Regulation and has undertaken a review of the adequacy of the Sellafield TBURD documents.