Peter Manning

Personal Profile

Peter is an expert in the nuclear industry with senior level operating experience. Through in-depth knowledge of nuclear sites, Peter has developed, specified, commissioned and operated new treatment processes. His detailed knowledge can be applied to new developments and existing operations. Peter’s experience covers operational, functional and advisory roles. He has studied Best Practice, not only from the nuclear industry but from manufacturing in general and advised on projects throughout the UK and in the USA.

Peter's career highlights:

  • Led the development of BNFL Sellafield’s waste management plans.   Technical reviewer of recent proposals to consider alternative retrieval and treatment processes. 
  • Deputy Head of Site, BNFL Sellafield.  During this period, sponsored, commissioned and operated many of the Waste Treatment facilities. Ongoing production was at record levels. 
  • Reviewed the conduct of projects and operations at several nuclear sites to recommend improvements. 
  • Established the feasibility of Sellafield processing plants becoming the first non-reactor member of the World Association of Nuclear Operators. 
  • Deputy Head of BNFL Springfields, responsible for the production of nuclear materials for all the UK reactors and for some overseas.  Record production quantities were required at this time.
  • As a member of the Government Nuclear Safety Research Committee, and Chair of the Sub Committee on research:
  • Reviewed the annual production of the TBuRD documents, and liaised with NDA,NII and sites during the process;
  • Visited all the nuclear sites to review progress and report annually to the HSE;
  • Developed the concept of orphan wastes to highlight gaps in our knowledge, and lo0ok for synergy between sites;
  • Worked with academic and nuclear industry representatives on the Keeping the Nuclear Options Open project;
  • Past member of NDA Research Board and Nuclear Waste Research Forum.