Gregg Butler

Personal Profile

Gregg is a director of Integrated Decision Management. With a background in all things nuclear, from front line research and operations management through to leadership in change programmes and Board level responsibility, Gregg, brings substantial, strategic and executive experience to the IDM team.

He is tenacious and provides innovation and intellectual rigour coupled with the knowledge of what will work in the 'real’ world and how to make it happen.

Gregg’s career highlights

  • Deputy Chief Executive, BNFL 
  • Leader of a change management programme at the UK nuclear fuel manufacture Springfields site which optimised resources, introduced flexible working and increased production 
  • Negotiated a complex £4Bn fixed price deal with Scottish Nuclear, now part of EDF Energy 
  • Developed and patented, on behalf of BNFL, a method of density control for uranium oxide nuclear fuel, still in worldwide use. 
  • Member of the Radioactive Waste Management Advisory Committee (RWMAC) 
  • Managing Director, Pangea Resources Australia Pty Ltd 
  • Member, Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM)

Always innovating and developing novel decision methodologies that deliver results for clients, Gregg has advised UK regulators, the Ministry of Defence, DECC, NDA and NNL. As Professor of Science in Sustainable Development at the University of Manchester, and Head of Strategic Assessment at the University of Manchester Dalton Nuclear Institute, Gregg contributes studies and presentations to national and international for a and also teaches at various post-graduate and CPD courses.  Gregg has a deep-seated interest in public policy in the areas of energy systems, nuclear power and fuel cycles.