Christine Brown

Personal Profile

Christine has specialised in the research and development of nuclear reactor systems, including fuel fabrication and performance, plant operations and decommissioning.  By leading development programmes on advanced fuels for future nuclear fuel cycles and advanced reactor systems, Christine enjoys an international reputation for providing unique technical support and advice.

Christine’s career highlights

  • Directed the UK Fast Reactor Fuel Development programme and led technical development work in support of Thermal Reactor Mixed Oxide Fuel to demonstrate its viability in different reactor systems.
  • Technical advisor to the US Department of Energy on the proliferation resistance of recycle nuclear fuels.
  • Expert on the BNFL/Westinghouse review of the Pebble Bed Moderated Reactor.
  • Technical advisor to the UK Department of Trade and Industry on future Generation IV reactors.
  • Technical advisor to and participant of the Plutonium Working Group (a key group within the BNFL National Stakeholder Dialogue process).
  • Operating within the highly regulated nuclear industry with many stakeholder contacts, including customers, regulators and the technical community across the world.
  • Invited member of international panel providing feedback on the draft report prepared by Australian Government appointed taskforce on Uranium Mining, Processing and Nuclear Energy in Australia.
Christine is regarded as an authority on nuclear fuels and fuel systems, which when combined with her senior level managerial experience and the ability to engage with a wide range of stakeholders provides technical gravitas and sound sense.  Christine’s consultancy activities includes providing advice to NNL and the NDA on recycle options for UK nuclear materials.  She was a member of the Working Group that produced the 2011 Royal Society study Fuel cycle stewardship in a nuclear renaissance, October 2011