Charles McCombie

Personal Profile

Charles, an international expert, has in-depth knowledge of all technical, regulatory and policy matters associated with radioactive waste management. He has focused on many challenging projects working towards regional, national and international repositories, involving geological storage and disposal. He is also involved in a number of initiatives associated with nuclear technology development and with the global growth of nuclear power.

His breath of international experience brings unrivalled expertise to the IDM team particularly regarding advice on waste management options.

Charles’s career highlights

  • Director of Science and Technology at Nagra (National Co-operation for the Disposal of Radioactive Wastes) in Switzerland 
  • Technical Director, Pangea Resources Australia Pty Ltd 
  • Vice-chairman, Board of Radioactive Waste Management of the National Academies of the USA 
  • Chairman of the International Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC) of the Japanese Waste Management Organisation (NUMO) 
  • Executive Director of Arius (Association for Regional and International Underground Storage)
  • Partner in MCM International 

Given such an extensive international experience, Charles’ is a valuable asset to the IDM team. As well as being a consultant to Swiss and UK organisations, Charles consults directly on waste management projects in other countries, particularly Germany, Japan, South Africa, South Korea and the USA.