Arthur Roberts

Personal Profile

Arthur is an expert in the nuclear industry with senior level experience. His value to the IDM team centres on his detailed practical knowledge, together with a strong understanding of what can be achieved in a highly complex and regulated industry.

Arthur’s experience spans both operational and functional roles across all of the sites operated by BNFL, including nuclear fuel manufacture and reactor operations, safety, quality, human resources and public affairs.

Arthur’s career highlights

  • Successfully led extensive change management programmes linked to re-structuring organisations 
  • Head of site, BNFL, Chapelcross 
  • Deputy Head of site, BNFL, Sellafield 
  • Led the regulatory justification of the Chapelcross site 
  • Led the regulatory and associated political justification of the Sellafield Mixed Oxide Plant (SMP) 
  • Technical representative on Working Groups within the BNFL National Stakeholder Dialogue process, providing expert advice on plutonium and security matters 
  • Member of the Nuclear 

Arthur provides a unique combination of technical and ‘hands on’ experience on some of the most challenging facilities within the UK nuclear industry, together with having mastered organisational transitions.  Arthur’s has provided consultancy advice to the NDA on options for dealing with the UK’s spent fuel and nuclear materials, and, as a native Welsh speaker, has been invaluable in working with local stakeholders examining nuclear opportunities for the Trawsfynydd site.  He is also Chairman of the Community Foundation for Lancashire.