Alan Pearman

Personal Profile

Alan is a specialist in project appraisal, decision-making and risk analysis. For IDM, his expertise includes multi-criteria decision support for policy and project appraisal, especially in the transport sector, risk analysis, risk perception and communication scenario-based strategic planning as well as behavioural analysis of management decision-making practices.

His breath of experience adds a vital strength to the IDM offer to clients who face complex and controversial decision-making challenges.

Alan’s career highlights

  • Trained as a econometrician and transport economist 
  • Provided expertise on decision analysis for the BNFL National Dialogue process 
  • Co-authored the Department of Transport guidance on the use of multi-criteria analysis techniques and their application to public policy decisions 
  • Professor of Management Decision Analysis in Leeds University Business School 
  • Pro-Vice Chancellor at the University of Leeds 
  • Associate lecturer in the Institute for Transport Studies

Alan brings ‘process’ expertise to the IDM team, especially valuable when the methodologies used by any decision maker in reaching the end result are increasingly under scrutiny by stakeholders, who are seeking transparency, openness and a validated audit trail.

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