University of Oxford

The Client: University of Oxford

Economic assessment of the UK’s nuclear materials and spent fuel, and how the UK can use its nuclear assets as part of a holistic approach to a low carbon energy future beyond 2050 

What the work was for

Sir David King, former Chief Scientific Advisor, needed to examine the optimisation of existing UK nuclear assets and expertise to assess the opportunities and benefits to the UK associated with an ongoing nuclear programme. An initial economic assessment of nuclear materials and spent nuclear fuel management  was followed by a study setting out some potential pathways for nuclear energy and its associated fuel cycle to aid a long term low carbon energy strategy for the UK.

Who was it for

The Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford, working with the Madano Partnership

Who worked on it

Grace McGlynn and Gregg Butler acted as principal researchers and co-authored the reports which can be found below:

Towards a low carbon pathway for the UK report March 2012

A low carbon nuclear future: Economic assessment of nuclear materials and spent nuclear fuel management in the UK - March 2011