Scoping A Systems Approach To Low Carbon Energy In The UK And Possible Roles For Nuclear

The Client: University of Manchester

What the work was for:

The UK has treaty and regulatory obligations to reduce carbon emissions and meet climate change targets, but little idea of what electricity market futures the UK should be instituting, or how much will this cost.  These assumptions were tested by a joint workshop hosted by The University of Manchester’s Dalton Nuclear Institute and the University’s Tyndall Centre for Climet Change Research, and designed, organised and facilitated by IDM.  The workshop, which was led by Lord Oxburgh at the Royal Academy of Engineering, was attended by 25 representatives from leading industry, policy and academic organisations.  It largely validated the key assumptions, and provided a range of insights and recommendations for further research and policy development.

Who was it for:

The University of Manchester’s Dalton Nuclear Institute and Tyndall Manchester

Who worked on it:

Gregg Butler, Grace McGlynn, Steve Robinson  – press release available here.