The Client: NDA

What the work was for:

IDM worked with ERM to carry out two studies “Uranium and Plutonium: Macro-Economic Study” and “Spent Fuel Management: Life Cycle Analysis Model” which studied the economic, environmental and socio-economic consequences of a large range of futures for the UK’s stocks of civil uranium, plutonium and spent nuclear fuel.  This included a complete economic model of the processes required to store or dispose of the materials, together with the activities required for re-use in future UK nuclear reactors

Who was it for:

NDA (Nuclear Decommissioning Authority)

Who worked on it:

Gregg Butler, Grace McGlynn, Peter Manning, David Horsley, Richard Taylor, Christine Brown, Arthur Roberts, Steve Robinson, Lynda Warren, Charles McCombie, Neil Chapman, Alan Pearman

Spent Fuel Management Life Cycle Analysis Model Report September 2007 

Uranium and Plutonium Macro Economic Study June 2007