Energy as Justifying Authority

The Client: Energy as Justifying Authority

Regulatory Justification of nuclear new build reactors in the UK.

What the work was for: 

When contemplating new nuclear reactors for the UK, one of the first hurdles to be cleared is Regulatory Justification, which tests whether any health detriments from the use of ionising radiation will be outweighed by the overall benefits of the proposed activity.  Government consultation papers required technical underpinning of these benefits and detriments, which IDM supplied with the assistance of the National Nuclear Laboratory.

Who was it for:

the Secretary of State for Energy as Justifying Authority

Who worked on it:

Gregg Butler, Grace McGlynn and Lynda Warren provided strategic and technical advice which can be found below:

Advice on the influence of Reactor Technology on the Definition of Classes or Types of Practice for New Build Justification

Technical Advice to inform proposed Regulatory Justification decisions on new nuclear power stations