Grace McGlynn

Personal Profile

Grace is a director of Integrated Decision Management and an authority on socio political systems, stakeholder views and how things work in practice in the ‘real’ world. At IDM she brings a high level of experience in external and political affairs, regulatory and environmental issues management, stakeholder engagement processes and communications programmes.

In particular, Grace has an in-depth knowledge of the policy and regulatory issues facing the nuclear industry and has expertise in devising and implementing strategic plans for managing contentious issues.

Grace’s career highlights

  • Head of Public Affairs, BNFL 
  • Led the campaign team to justify the operation of Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant on the Sellafield site 
  • Head of Corporate Responsibility, BNFL 
  • Headed the production of BNFL’s first award winning CSR report 
  • Sponsor and coordinator of the pioneering BNFL National Stakeholder Dialogue process - arguably the largest of its kind in Europe

Inspired to make a difference for clients, Grace has advised DECC, CoRWM, NDA and the World Institute of Nuclear Security (WINS), National Grid and Britain’s Energy Coast on devising engagement and communication plans. She is also a Visiting Researcher at the University of Manchester’s Dalton Nuclear Institute and undertakes workshops for academic and industrial professionals.  She has lectured on Masters Programmes and published papers on nuclear, regulatory and stakeholder issues.